arti.sticks (aka Willem Esterhusyjaje or something) is a theatre maker, teacher and artist. They were born in the middle of the scorching desert, between sandy dunes and prickly succulents (aka Upington, in the Northern Cape). Willem started illustrating as a joke because as of 2020, they thought they couldn’t draw anything outside of a stick figure and the occasional pretty leaf doodle. However, as they continued to practice and play, they started getting better and eventually started gaining a following for their art. They are queer and non-binary and enjoy long walks on the beach and worrying about whether or not they can carry all of the shells home. Willem’s art inspirations include PoppieField, Steven Universe, the queer community, pretty leaves and weird podcasts. They have always enjoyed making things for other people to enjoy and through art, they are able to do just that.

Love x Art x Colour