Curated Milk

I have always believed that strength lies in collaboration. Especially in the arts. We are all pouring our hearts out into our work. It’s raw, it’s bold, it’s strong and it’s vulnerable.

I have only been on this PoppieField journey for a minute, but I’ve learned and grown so much. One of the things I discovered was that there are an abundance of insanely talented artists EVERYWHERE... and everyone is just trying their best to find their place in the sun. Their work is their own. It’s brilliant in its own way. It’s touching and deep. It’s fun and it’s light... and it gets way too little credit. People’s eyeballs need to rest on it and feel it.

So, I decided to crush the poppies and spill the milk. The trippy milk of the art poppy consists of the blood, sweat and tears of artists sharing their hearts and souls with the world... and I want to share it with you. Hence, this platform. A safe space for artists to share their work and for art lovers to rest their eyes on with the option to purchase or share their findings.

I encourage all artists to feel free and contact me to be featured in our little gallery. We are stronger together. Ubuntu is real, my friends. Thank you for your bravery and contribution to the arts. You make the world a better place.

Take a sip, fam x